The Edge of the World

andermanBy Janusz Anderman

I came across this book because it had an introduction written by Jerzy Pilch well before he became an established novelist. Sadly the introduction is not too interesting and this book of short stories even less so. The prose is all very modern and cut up and it did nothing for me. The only line I liked was when a taxi driver said ‘no, no it’s from Gogol’ after an incomprehensible scene. It made me laugh. Probably it isn’t too bad but short stories aren’t my thing and I couldn’t manage to invest sustained time and effort in understanding the prose for only a few pages of enlightenment before you then move into the next story. He doesn’t seem to have written much recently and there are moments in this collection of short stories, but, not enough for me to read anything more by him. I think this book is more a reflection of its time in the twilight of Communism and it doesn’t quite stand up on its own twenty years later.

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