The Vampyre

By John Polidori.

This was an engaging short tale. The  old rich language and sentences helped create an atmosphere of gothic horror. I have to say – comparing the novel to Gautier’s Clarimonde, it is nowhere near as dark or as decadent. It was a good start for the genre though, with the additional elements of poetry and travel. This was apparently the first vampire tale to be published in English (1819) and at the outset it was thought to be written by Byron – not Polidori. Polidori had been Byron’s physician on some European travels.

The reason I read this novella was a footnote in Lemontov’s ‘A Hero of Our Time’ which referenced Polidori’s story. I then searched in the Kindle store and there it was for free download, so I started reading immediately. Sometimes technology can be a great thing. Definitely worth reading.

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