Dark Domain

By Stefan Grabinski.

Grabinski is definitely a little-known Polish writer; several erudite Polish people I polled had never heard of him. These stories were great: full of supernatural tension with a good dose of introspection and the surreal. Well worth reading. I was captivated all the way through and there is a well-formed psychological base to the stories. Three of them also use train travel to great effect, a drama being played out while outside everything is movement is a good idea and it works brilliantly. Grabinski was an outsider and his lead characters are as well. Many of the endings are ambiguous and could be used as entry into a longer story, possibly. To try and write this could be an interesting exercise.

It doesn’t look like any novels have been translated into English and the foreword is a little dismissive of them as it seems Grabinski moved into more mystical material. I wouldn’t mind reading some more.




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