skylarkBy Dezső Kosztolányi.

Just when you think you are used to the way fiction works or reveals itself, a novel like ‘Skylark’ comes along which feels fresh and new and it seems as though you have never read anything like it.

This is a great book and I can’t believe I had not been aware of Kosztolányi  before discovering Skylark in the charity shop in Watney Market for a pound. How many more incredible European novels are languishing untranslated or perhaps translated but never really recognised or promoted?

The novel has such a strange atmosphere it was at times comic but mostly full of melancholy. I found myself filled with unease because it seemed as though something terrible was about to happen. As to whether it did – I won’t give that away.

The highlight is the drinking party, attended by the men of the town, and the subsequent description of Akos’s drunkenness. But, there are many other exceptional moments.

If you have an affinity with European literature then you should read this book.

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