The Death of Bunny Munro

bunnyBy Nick Cave.
This book was only ‘OK’. It had its moments but only on the descriptive side. Cave has a fantastic turn of phrase at times but it isn’t enough to save a novel that was quite predictable and not really very entertaining idea-wise. Which is a pity as his first novel had many ideas and was really strong I thought. After a while it was as though you were just waiting for it to finish – which is not how reading a book should be. You can forgive him all of this because he is Nick Cave and if you have an affinity, as I do, with the dark, brooding storytelling that fills his songs then the novel makes some sense and is more engaging. The delight Cave takes with words and phrases is what saves this book for me. If it was written by anyone else… I probably wouldn’t read it. For that reason the soundtrack for the novel has to be the Go-betweens song about Patti Smith.

The phrases fell like decadent pieces of meat, rich, enigmatic and meant only for the the obscure at heart. Bunny stopped and thought – shouldn’t that be the ‘pure’ at heart. It didn’t really matter he decided – Bunny Munro had booty products to sell.

Soundtrack: The Go-betweens – When She Sang About Angels.

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