Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland AND Through the Looking Glass

By Lewis Carroll.
Absolutely amazing strange stories. I haven’t read these since I was a child and I can’t believe how absurd they are and how well they have held up to the passing of time. These really are proto-surrealist works -never mind Ducasse. The language can be a little old fasioned but that adds to it for the modern reader. As I read the book I kept imagining Svankmeyer’s movie Alice which was even more strange. This film in mind seemed to bring the novel alive even more. Wonderland is the most odd I think because there is no real purpose and it just floats from one improbable scene to another – and I like it best. Looking Glass however has plenty riddles but perhaps more of a legislated silliness. Both are definitely worth reading again and again. These stories renew your faith in the human imagination.

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