Selected Poems

blokBy Aleksandr Blok.

Again, I’m not a big fan of poetry but some of these pieces are brilliant. There are shades of Mayakovsky but much more lyrical and decadent. Or rather there are shades of Blok in Mayakovsky. The poems are quite visceral but the edges are taken off and enriched by the symbolism and incredible turn of phrase that Blok had. You can see why Mayakovsky the younger poet wrote a companion work directly influenced by ‘The Twelve’ as there are some similarities between the two writers.

This will be very nice to dip into now and again. I have another translation of ‘The Twelve’ so I may compare the translations out of interest.

Well worth my time. Many nods and affirming noises.

Soundtrack: Nick Cave – Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow.

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