Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in age AND Crash

By Bohumil Hrabal AND JG Ballard.
Hrabal’s short novel is a masterpiece. It is a roving collection of anecdotes told by an old cobbler linked together without a pause. So many ideas and images and definitely something you can re-read. It is very different from his other works but it is still Hrabal. I really think he is an imporant writer. Less said about the novel the better – just read and enjoy.

Crash Is a different story. One idea and the jury is out as to whether it is a ‘good’ idea. Seeing cars in a sexual context – who would have thought? Don’t bother reading. The prose made me cringe every ten seconds: it seemed as though (over)written by a thirteen year old and I am doing the thirteen year old a disservice. Martin Amis described Crash as very flawed and as a result just ‘vicious whimsy’. Thankfully my current read has removed the boredom this book caused and the world and its prose are a better place.

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