41pI617gLEL._SL500_AA240_[Contemporary Russian Folk Artifacts]

By Vladimir Arkhipov

What a brilliant brilliant book. I saw it in the shop and it was only a tenner. As soon as I opened it I knew I had to buy it. There are so many fantastic objects here and the commentary given by the inventors or their relatives has honesty and humour. These are working people who require a useful object – when the object breaks or wears out they look for ways to make it useful again. Some of them actually do look great though – the TV aerial on the cover or the strange hybrid crutch shovel or toy train (below). I also like the fact a shovel is made out a sign with a shovel – genius. I’m sure the inventor got a few laughs out of that. If you see this book buy it, or you can peruse the website the author has set up which is a very strange hybrid beast in itself. If you have anything you have made Vladimir takes submissions too. I have decided to re-examine my approach to broken or worn objects with a view to making them useful again – possibly in a different way.

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