Dream Story

arthurschnitzler_dreamstoryBy Arthur Schnitzler.

This was a good read and I finished it in one afternoon sitting. It is an often used cliche but the book was better than the Kubrick movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. The sense of danger and atmosphere seemed much more intense, but that could be the literary medium, combined with my imagination, rather than a fault with the movie.

Based on this novel it will definitely be worth reading more Schnitzler. I liked the fact the action didn’t really stop – it was a though a camera was following the doctor on his physical and emotional journey. There’s not much more to say about this novel: it did one thing and it did so very well. Schnitzler is a hedgehog, I believe. As Isaiah Berlin said: every classification throws light on something.

Soundtrack: The Bats – The Black and the Blue.

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