Diary Volume 3

Gom-rrBy Witold Gombrowicz.

I seem to have got to the end of everything Gombrowicz has written which is a little disappointing. I feel like I want there to be something more. The third volume of his Diary is very interesting as it covers the period before he leaves Argentina, his sea journey and finally his reintroduction to the Europe he has been writing about and scrutinising from afar. He is now a literary star in Europe rather than the wayward bohemian he was in Argentina. As always he stirs things up when  writing or speaking. This causes him some trouble in his homeland (Poland) but he doesn’t seem to care. All three diaries are excellent but perhaps this one is more of a story because there is a journey and Gombrowicz is the misunderstood central character waxing lyrical with nonsense and opinionated subterfuge. There are some fantastic passages when he speaks at a conference in Berlin. He tells us he speaks absolute nonsense and the students all nod their heads and listen turning the absurd into comprehension by their own creative sense of form. Which, is really the central obsession of Gombrowicz. I loved reading this Diary and now I probably only have disjointed articles written by Gombrowicz in various Journals still to read. Or perhaps a rereading of Cosmos or  the new translation of Pornographia is on the cards.

Soundtrack: Broken Bells – ‘Your Head is on Fire’.

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