cosmosBy Witold Gombrowicz.

I really like this cover which was found on the first Portugese edition of the Novel. This was a re-read and I probably will re-read it again in a different translation. This is a translation not from the Polish directly but from the German and French editions. Thankfully there is a 2005 translation by Danuta Borchardt direct from the Polish but it will take a few weeks for me to get this from the US. The reason I am rereading Cosmos (despite it being my favourite Gombrowicz novel… possibly) is that I am contemplating turning it into a play. Which, as I read it again with a view to representing it on stage, seemed to become more and more problematic. With the new translation it may not be as difficult. I will just have to wait and see… There might not be such a strong internal voice leading to a dilemma as to how you can represent it on stage.

As for the book… this is one of the finest works of the 20th century – I have never read anything like it before or since. Berg.

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