Travels in the Scriptorium

travels_in_the_scriptoriumBy Paul Auster.

I’m really not too sure about this book. I don’t think there were enough ideas and those that were there didn’t seem to be developed enough. It felt like half a book to meet the requisite book quota for a publishers contract.

Nothing about this interested me. Auster has written some wildly imaginative books which bristle with thoughts and images that stay with you. This novel is not one of those.

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Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in age AND Crash

By Bohumil Hrabal AND JG Ballard.
Hrabal’s short novel is a masterpiece. It is a roving collection of anecdotes told by an old cobbler linked together without a pause. So many ideas and images and definitely something you can re-read. It is very different from his other works but it is still Hrabal. I really think he is an imporant writer. Less said about the novel the better – just read and enjoy.

Crash Is a different story. One idea and the jury is out as to whether it is a ‘good’ idea. Seeing cars in a sexual context – who would have thought? Don’t bother reading. The prose made me cringe every ten seconds: it seemed as though (over)written by a thirteen year old and I am doing the thirteen year old a disservice. Martin Amis described Crash as very flawed and as a result just ‘vicious whimsy’. Thankfully my current read has removed the boredom this book caused and the world and its prose are a better place.

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